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We are here to provide you with the very best advice, information and supply contacts for successful UK Property Refurbishments.

We are confident you will benefit from our membership whether you are tackling your first domestic or residential project, or maybe you are a novice, or seasoned investor who understands the enormous opportunities open to you via the refurbishment route. Whatever the level of interest or involvement in refurbishment we are sure we can make your life easier, and help you to be more informed on your projects at any level.

Sue Elkington, the founder of RefurbExpert, has spent many years compiling video footage and photographic evidence of her own projects which will feature periodically, loaded as the site is ‘drip fed’ with information and advice intended to educate and assist. You can meet Sue Elkington at her fantastic 1 day workshop which walks you through much of the minefield of refurbishment or even ask her advice on your projects or prospective purchase.
Or maybe you might decide to take advantage of the other opportunities on offer.

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Who is behind ?

The founder of RefurbExpert is Birmingham born and based Sue Elkington.

Raised on a council estate in a standard, unassuming 2-bedroom house, Sue joined the Civil Service aged 19 and continued to work as a manager within public service until she took early retirement at 51.

Throughout that time she spent all her spare time buying and refurbishing properties for her own personal advancement, at times taking on projects for family and friends.

Her first property purchase at the age of 19 was a small terraced house built around 1915 costing £6K and was her greatest challenge as she had insufficient skills and even less money to take the corrective action needed to make it a habitable home.

Some 3 years later she had completed a very steep learning curve and managed to improve the property to the point where she sold it for a very healthy profit and took on yet another project, then another and her journey as a refurbishment junkie began.

Sue, now retired from the Civil Service, concentrates solely on refurbishment of property, both to enhance her portfolio, and to mentor others with less or no experience.

She has found her skills from her days as a manager help her enormously as her previous job involved budgetary control; the meeting of deadlines and management of staff and physical equipment have transferred seamlessly to her present role.

She also spent a great deal of time during the latter part of her career as the site manager on more than one project working alongside contractors from all over the country involved in converting public buildings into JCP offices, yet another skill she now brings to her current role.

Sue Elkington
Alongside a Management Degree Sue also trained as an Estate Planner and advises on portfolio management and inheritance tax planning.

With a power team including joint venture consultants, financial advisers, photographers, web designers with offers covering full business branding available there is little you will need that can’t be found right here.

Sue looks forward to meeting you personally at some future date


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